When students are intrigued about something and feel the need to connect to it, that's when real learning takes place, and that's where we stand apart from the rest.


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Infant Child Care (2-18 Months Old)


Our infant child care program is designed to provide a safe and secure environment for our babies. The primary caregiver, an infant child care professional, is always on full-time duty, nurturing your baby and simulating the most intimate one-to-one moments of love, care, fun and communication.

What We Offer

Our caregivers closely work with parents to work on a schedule that works best for your child's health and safety. Our programs focuses on providing:

+ A rich sensory environment.

+ Focus on sights, sounds, textures and sensations.
+ A space to grow, roll over and pull up, crawl and step out.
+ Nurture relationships that foster a sense of security and trust.

+ Develop fine motor skills.
+ A well-structured world that encourages learning, sparks curiosity and exploration.



Toddler Care (18 Months - 3 Years Old)


Our Toddler's Program ensures that your child is engaged in structured activities designed to encourage their growth and foster inquisitiveness. We cherish the expression of wonder in our children’s eyes as they explore and discover their new world. Our Montessori-based curriculum provides early learning experiences that form the foundation of their learning when they approach the age of schooling.

What We Offer

Our colorful and innovative classrooms create a stimulating environment where children experience a variety of activities on a regular basis. Learning activities include:


+ Pre-reading.

+ Pre-writing.
+ Pre-math science.

+ Sensory activities.

+ Free play material exploration.

+ Art and crafts for toddlers.

+ Social skills.

Primary (3 - 6 Years Old)


At Blooms, we believe that the age of 3 to 6 years is crucial. This is the time period when your child starts developing socially and emotionally and our custom-tailored Montessori courses help your kids garner functional independence, activity-persistence, and self-regulation.

What We Offer

Our Montessori-inspired learning materials, educative toys/games, and well-equipped spacious rooms promote intricate social development of your kid through clear communication and respectful thought process, leading to safe, natural and positive outcomes of:


+ Elevated sensory perception.

+ Development of literacy and mathematical understanding.

+ Opportunities for imaginative exploration.

+ Confident and creative self-expression.

+ Respectful social development.

+ Develop confidence in budding internal talents.

Elementary (6 - 9 Years Old)


Our elementary program is for kids who are capable of understanding everything around them, kids who are self-assured and independent in whatever they do. This is the time we've been waiting for, the time where your children will learn absolutely spectacular things.

What We Offer

Our motto is not just to give them work to do, but to make sure that they are deeply engaged in everything they are assigned to do, activities that they find interesting, meaningful, and thought-provoking.


Mastery of basic skills and knowledge such as memorization, spelling lessons, vocabulary, grammar, sentence construction and writing are a few set of basics skills that we try to impart in their daily activities. 


In a course where there is a lot to learn and explore, we provide:


+ Collective academic exploration.

+ Encouraging imaginative cognition. 
+ Harnessing self-efficacy and Intellectual intelligence.

+ Fostering a better understanding of the child’s role in community.

+ Exploring the child's cultural and natural world.

+ Encouraging individually chosen research subjects. 





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