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Blooms featured in Vanitha Magazine. Find the full editorial below soon.

June 12, 2017

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Booms was featured in Radio FM Mid-day Masala. Listen to our principal, Shri. Rajani Rathiesh below.

May 12, 2017

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The Blooms Montessori School was founded in the early 2000s with a vision in mind -- offer child-centeric programs for kids as early as 3 months to 14 years.

Welcome to Blooms Montessori, a vibrant and innovative internationally accredited kid school in our capital city of Kerala. 


Our Montessori-based curriculum, which is derived from the Gurukul Method of learning, is designed to build a strong foundation not only in academics but also in social, emotional, physical and moral development of our children.


Our academically-proven approach encourages kids to develop independent and self-motivated decision-making skills that adequately prepares them to take on the world around them.


We are an authentic Montessori school and our state-certified teachers receive constant ongoing education on the newest teaching trends and they take part in state-of-the-art training courses throughout the year.


Our safe and structured classrooms are appareled with suitable Montessori materials, ingeniously crafted to kindle your child’s natural inquisitiveness for learning. We believe in 'meaningful play sessions' that help our children learn fast and provide for a wholesome development.

Child Safety


A warm, safe and cozy space for learning through stories, songs and art, the unique learning environment we provide speaks volumes about our children's physical growth, fun and discovery which supports each of our kid's social, emotional, physical and cognitive wellbeing.


As a pro-health preschool, we take great pride in creating a safe and healthy environment which protects the health of our children and help them grow.


We are housed in a 3,500 square foot facility, including 5 windy classrooms, an indoor play area, and a mini-library. Our classrooms are all bright, spacious, with ample natural air flow across all our rooms. Our philosophy of "meaningful fun" also extends to an outdoor play area, where it's always brimming with fun activities.

​Our Staff

Our teachers strive to be aware of each of our kid’s learning inclination and sweep them through a wide range of preschool activities throughout the day. Our early-childhood educators are the best your family can hire and our only professional aspiration is to teach our kids and to help them grow and prosper under our tutelage. 


Every class has three dedicated teachers, at least one of whom has received Advanced Montessori Teacher Training Certification. Our student-to-teacher ratio stands at an impressive four-to-one. That means, at all times, one of our teachers are there for every four of our children.


Blooms is very committed to its teachers and administrative staff. We are devoted to provide our teachers the opportunity to develop their professional skills through ongoing teacher's training and an educational assistance program for those who enrol in Montessori and Early Childhood Development programs. Our teacher's stick with us and we take pride in saying that too.

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